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The use of a portable robotic sparkling wine pourer and image analysis to assess wine quality in a fast and accurate manner

B Lima, S Fuentes, M Caron, S Needs, K Howell

Acta Horticulturae | International Society for Horticultural Science | Published : 2016


Sparkling wines, which contain dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) are economically important for Australia, France, Spain, Italy, USA, and Chile among other countries. Climate change is expected to influence the final quality of sparkling wine due to predicted increments in ambient temperature during grapegrowing. This effect which will likely produce: i) flavour and aroma changes of grapes and wines, ii) decrease protein concentration and iii) increase alcohol content in wines. Balanced protein and alcohol concentration are related quality traits of sparkling wines as foamability and foam stability are affected by these parameters. Quality of sparkling wines can be assessed visually using param..

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