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Reptile embryos and climate change: Modelling limits of viability to inform translocation decisions

Nicola J Mitchell, undefined Nicholas Rodriguez, undefined Gerald Kuchling, undefined Sophie G. Arnall, undefined Michael R. Kearney

Biological Conservation | Elsevier | Published : 2016


The embryos of many egg-laying species develop under the environmental conditions selected by one or both parents, and these conditions may cease to be optimal under a changed climate. Assisted colonization is an emerging option to relocate species that are threatened by unfavourable changes in the local climate, but the incubation requirements of embryos are rarely considered in conservation translocations despite suggestions that relocation of early life stages could be more effective than relocating older animals. Here we review examples and outcomes of relocations of reptile eggs, and the decision tools currently available for guiding translocation decisions from an embryonic perspective..

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