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The effect of hormones on the expression of five isoforms of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes.

YQ Li, DA Prentice, ML Howard, ML Mashford, PV Desmond

Pharm Res | Published : 1999


PURPOSE: To investigate the direct effects of sex hormones, growth hormone, thyroid hormones and dexamethasone on the regulation of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT). METHODS: Rat hepatocytes were cultured on matrigel and treated with various hormones. Northern blot analysis was carried out using cDNA probes to family 1 and family 2 isoforms. RESULTS: Treatment with 10(-5) M testosterone increased the mRNA levels of UGT 2B1 by 29% and UGT2B3 by 32%. Incubation of growth hormone (10 mU) with hepatocytes suppressed the expression of UGT2B1 and UGT2B3 by 17% and 38%, respectively. T3 administration resulted in a time and dose-dependent effect on the expression of UGT 1 isoforms, with increased ..

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