Journal article

Fatal air embolism following endoscopy of a hepatic portoenterostomy.

PV Desmond, RA MacMahon

Endoscopy | Published : 1990


The case reported is that of a 10-year-old girl born with congenital biliary atresia who had undergone a Kasai procedure in the first year of life. She presented with ascending cholangitis, and investigations revealed a stricture of her portoenterostomy with an intrahepatic stone above the stricture. At laparotomy there were numerous adhesions and dilated varices, so the descending loop of the Kasai was exteriorized to enable a subsequent percutaneous endoscopic manipulation of the stone. During manipulation of the stricture via a pediatric endoscope in the jejunal loop the patient collapsed and died. Post mortem revealed a massive air embolism and varices of the jejunal loop.