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Untangling inconsistent magnetic polarity records through an integrated rock magnetic analysis: A case study on Neogene sections in East Timor

FM Aben, MJ Dekkers, RR Bakker, DJJ van Hinsbergen, WJ Zachariasse, GW Tate, N McQuarrie, R Harris, B Duffy



Inconsistent polarity patterns in sediments are a common problem in magnetostratigraphic and paleomagnetic research. Multiple magnetic mineral generations result in such remanence "haystacks." Here we test whether end-member modeling of isothermal remanent magnetization acquisition curves as a basis for an integrated rock magnetic and microscopic analysis is capable of isolating original magnetic polarity patterns. Uppermost Miocene-Pliocene deep-marine siliciclastics and limestones in East Timor, originally sampled to constrain the uplift history of the young Timor orogeny, serve as case study. An apparently straightforward polarity record was obtained that, however, proved impossible to re..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the Office of the Secretary of State for Natural Resources in Timor-Leste for their assistance in completing fieldwork, particularly Norberta Soares da Costa, Jhony da Costa Soares, and Jhony Reis. We thank M. J. C Bouten for her help with the SEM/EDS measurements. The thoughtful comments and suggestions of Gcubed reviewers Fabio Florindo and an anonymous reviewer are appreciated. G. W. T., N.M., D. J. J. V, and R. H. acknowledge funding through NSF grant EAR 0948449. D. J. J. V. further acknowledges funding through ERC Starting grant 306810 (SINK) and an NWO VIDI grant.