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Outcome Measures for Artificial Pancreas Clinical Trials: A Consensus Report

David M Maahs, Bruce A Buckingham, Jessica R Castle, Ali Cinar, Edward R Damiano, Eyal Dassau, J Hans DeVries, Francis J Doyle, Steven C Griffen, Ahmad Haidar, Lutz Heinemann, Roman Hovorka, Timothy W Jones, Craig Kollman, Boris Kovatchev, Brian L Levy, Revital Nimri, David N O'Neal, Moshe Philip, Eric Renard Show all



Research on and commercial development of the artificial pancreas (AP) continue to progress rapidly, and the AP promises to become a part of clinical care. In this report, members of the JDRF Artificial Pancreas Project Consortium in collaboration with the wider AP community 1) advocate for the use of continuous glucose monitoring glucose metrics as outcome measures in AP trials, in addition to HbA1c, and 2) identify a short set of basic, easily interpreted outcome measures to be reported in AP studies whenever feasible. Consensus on a broader range of measures remains challenging; therefore, reporting of additional metrics is encouraged as appropriate for individual AP studies or study grou..

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