A Fragmented History A Methodological and Artefactual Approach to the Study of Ancient Settlement in the Territories of Satricum and Antium

GW Tol

Barkhuis Publishing | Published : 2012


This study presents four case studies that elaborate on the results of two field survey projects (the Astura and the Nettuno surveys) that were carried within the ambit of the Pontine Region Project. These comprise 1) revisits to previously mapped sites, 2) the study of a local museum collection, 3) intensive on-site surveys and 4) small-scale excavations at a reference site for the Late Roman and Early Medieval period. The results obtained provide detailed insight the settlement dynamics for the study area and increase the potential of the dataset to approach different aspects of the Roman economy (such as trade, town-countryside relations, demography). At the same time, the study contribut..

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