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Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science

Alexander A Aarts, Joanna E Anderson, Christopher J Anderson, Peter R Attridge, Angela Attwood, Jordan Axt, Molly Babel, Stepan Bahnik, Erica Baranski, Michael Barnett-Cowan, Elizabeth Bartmess, Jennifer Beer, Raoul Bell, Heather Bentley, Leah Beyan, Grace Binion, Denny Borsboom, Annick Bosch, Frank A Bosco, Sara D Bowman Show all

Science | AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE | Published : 2015


Funding Acknowledgements

In addition to the coauthors of this manuscript, there were many volunteers who contributed to project success. We thank D. Acup, J. Anderson, S. Anzellotti, R. Araujo, J. D. Arnal, T. Bates, R. Battleday, R. Bauchwitz, M. Bernstein, B. Blohowiak, M. Boffo, E. Bruneau, B. Chabot-Hanowell, J. Chan, P. Chu, A. Dalla Rosa, B. Deen, P. DiGiacomo, C. Dogulu, N. Dufour, C. Fitzgerald, A. Foote, A. Garcia, E. Garcia, C. Gautreau, L. Germine, T. Gill, L. Goldberg, S. D. Goldinger, H. Gweon, D. Haile, K. Hart, F. Hjorth, J. Hoenig, A. Innes-Ker, B. Jansen, R. Jersakova, Y. Jie, Z. Kaldy, W. K. Vong, A. Kenney, J. Kingston, J. Koster-Hale, A. Lam, R. LeDonne, D. Lumian, E. Luong, S. Man-pui, J. Martin, A. Mauk, T. McElroy, K. McRae, T. Miller, K. Moser, M. Mullarkey, A. R. Munoz, J. Ong, C. Parks, D. S. Pate, D. Patron, H. J. M. Pennings, M. Penuliar, A. Pfammatter, J. P. Shanoltz, E. Stevenson, E. Pichler, H. Raudszus, H. Richardson, N. Rothstein, T. Scherndl, S. Schrager, S. Shah, Y. S. Tai, A. Skerry, M. Steinberg, J. Stoeterau, H. Tibboel, A. Tooley, A. Tullett, C. Vaccaro, E. Vergauwe, A. Watanabe, I. Weiss, M. H. White II, P. Whitehead, C. Widmann, D. K. Williams, K. M. Williams, and H. Yi. Also, we thank the authors of the original research that was the subject of replication in this project. These authors were generous with their time, materials, and advice for improving the quality of each replication and identifying the strengths and limits of the outcomes. The authors of this work are listed alphabetically. This project was supported by the Center for Open Science and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. The authors declare no financial conflict of interest with the reported research.