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Menadione kills trophozoltes and cysts of Giardia intestinalis

T Paget, S Maroulis, A Mitchell, MR Edwards, EL Jarroll, D Lloyd



Production of reactive oxygen species by redox cycling in the presence of low levels of oxygen has been studied as a possible approach to anti-protozoal chemotherapeutic strategy. Incubation of the diplomonad flagellate Giardia intestinalis with 2-methy-1,4-naphthoquinone (menadione), under anaerobic conditions, gave UV absorption changes characteristic of reduction to menadiol; partial reversal was observed on admitting O(2). Under microaerobic conditions, similar to those on the surface of the jejunal mucosa, trophozoites consumed O(2) rapidly in the presence of menadione; reaction products included singlet O(2) (monitored by single photon counting of O(2)-dependent low-level chemiluminesc..

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