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The activity of monkey thalamic and motor cortical neurones in a skilled, ballistic movement.

EG Butler, MK Horne, NJ Hawkins

J Physiol | Published : 1992


1. Three monkeys were trained to perform a reaction-time task of the wrist and single-cell recordings were made from the motor cortex (eighty-four cells), ventro-posterior lateralis par caudalis (VPLc) (forty-two cells) and cerebellar thalamus (seventy-seven cells). 2. The majority (43/77, 56%) of cerebellar thalamic neurones fired phasically during movement, whereas in the motor cortex most neurones (53/84, 64%) had a phasic-tonic discharge pattern. Most neurones in both locations discharged in relation to the direction of movement (reciprocal pattern). 3. The cerebellar thalamus is unlike the motor cortex in that it does not usually encode a signal for force or joint position in its discha..

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