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A neural network model of neural activity in the monkey globus pallidus.

P Brotchie, R Iansek, M Horne

Neuroscience Letters | Published : 1991


A 3-layer neural network model was constructed to determine the discharge patterns of neurons within the globus pallidus (GP) which would be required to run a sequence of movements at the motor cortical level. The model was based on the presence of tonic and phasic neuronal activity within the motor cortical region; that positive feedback was required to maintain tonic neuronal activity and that phasic neuronal activity was required to initiate and terminate the tonic neuronal activity. The model predicted the presence of both phasic and tonic activity within the middle layer (layer 2; GP) of the model in order for the motor cortical regions (layers 1 and 3) to be able to run and to maintain..

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