Conference Proceedings

The impact of infrastructural works on regional settlement systems: The Via Appia and the Pontine marshes

G TOL, T De Haas, P Attema, K Armstrong, JMA Martinez (ed.), TN Bassarate (ed.), IR De Llanza (ed.)

Museo Nacional de Arte Romano | Published : 2015


This paper introduces a project that investigates developments in settlement and infrastructure in the Pontine Plain (Lazio, Central Italy) through geographic models and new fieldwork. The preliminary results of this fieldwork on two sites along the Via Appia, Forum Appii and Ad Medias, show that these sites developed from the late 4th century BC on, with the construction of this road and related drainage works. However, the sites developed differently: Ad Medias remained small, but Forum Appii was an important centre until Late Roman times, probably due to its favourable position within infrastructural networks.