Conference Proceedings

Native prosodic systems and learning experience shape production of non-native tones

M Wu, J Fletcher, R Bundgaard-Nielsen, B Baker, J BARNES (ed.), N VEILLEUX (ed.), S SHATTUCK-HUFNAGEL (ed.), A BRUGOS (ed.)

Proceedings of the International Conference on Speech Prosody | ISCA | Published : 2016


This study investigates how native prosodic systems and second language (L2) learning experience shape non-native tone production. Speakers from tone language backgrounds (native Cantonese and Mandarin speakers [CS & MS]) and non-tone language backgrounds (English monolinguals [ES] and English speakers with Mandarin learning experience [EM]) produced the six Cantonese tones in an imitation task. The results suggest systematic effects of native prosodic systems on L2 tone production, regardless of tone or non-tone language backgrounds. MS have more problems with pitch height whereas ES tend to produce every tone in a level shape, which echoes the findings from previous perception studies. Fur..

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