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Survey in Campana, gemeente Nettuno (Italie)


Paleo-Aktueel | Barkhuis Publishing | Published : 2005


This article discusses a survey conducted in February 2005 in the area of Campana, part of the territory of the town of Nettuno (Lazio, central Italy). The survey is part of the three-year project 'Carta archeologica del comune di Nettuno', conducted by the GIA in collaboration with the local government. It is part of GIA's long-term research programme of the Pontine Region Project (PRP). The area of Campana saw human activity in prehistoric times and proves to have been densely settled in the protohistoric period. In the Archaic and Republican periods, a pattern of small farmsteads emerged, which by the Late Republican and Early Imperial period was replaced by a system of large villas locat..

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