Journal article

Reconstructing a bronze age hidden landscape: Geoarchaeological research at tratturo caniò (Italy, 2009)

H Feiken, GW Tol, PM Van Leusen, C Anastasia

Palaeohistoria | Published : 2011


In 2009, the GIA dug a trench alongside the Archaic to Roman temple sanctuary of Juno at Tratturo Canio in the ager of Setia in the Pontine plain (Lazio, Italy), in order to investigate the older Bronze and Iron Age remains that had been reported in Italian probing excavations in the mid-1980s. The trench, up to 2 m deep, yielded a wealth of stratigraphic and environmental data as well as much pottery and bone from a Middle Bronze Age habitation layer. This article describes the work, the finds, and the phased geoarchaeological interpretations and reconstructions that were based on the sedimontology and environmental samples. The work is part of the Hidden Landscapes project which aims to sh..

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