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The ‘Carta Archeologica’ of Nettuno, evidence for late antique and early medieval settlement on the coast of South Lazio near Antium and Torre Astura (Italy)


Archaeopress | Published : 2010


Between 2000 and 2007 a team of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, directed by Peter Attema, Gijs Tol and Tymon De Haas, worked on the recently finished archaeological map of the municipality of Nettuno in South Lazio. The map is based on an inventory of existing topographical data, new field surveys and the study of an extensive collection of ceramics at the local Antiquarium. The study area is part of the territory of the Roman colony Antium, a coastal port town founded in the 4th c. BC that flourished during the Late Republic and in Roman imperial times. By that period it had two harbours, one at Antium itself and one at the Roman villa..

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