Book Chapter

Applying self-determination and self-regulation theories for optimizing music performance

G MCPHERSON, P Evans, E Kupers, J Renwick

Art in Motion III Performing Under Pressure | Peter Lang Publishing | Published : 2016


In this chapter, we explain research related to motivation and practice quality as a means of outlining our thoughts on how musicians are able to develop competence and acquire the skills necessary to perform under pressure. We start with motivation as viewed through the lens of self-determination theory (SDT). Since the 1970s, SDT has become a major approach to the study of human motivation. The theory rests on the assumption that humans naturally seek growth through interactions with their social environments. This growth is nourished by the fulfilment of three basic psychological needs (Deci & Ryan, 2000): the need to feel effective in interacting with the social environment (competence)..

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