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A content-focused method for re-engineering thesauri into semantically adequate ontologies using OWL

Daniel Kless, Ludger Jansen, Simon Milton

SEMANTIC WEB | IOS PRESS | Published : 2016


The re-engineering of vocabularies into ontologies can save considerable time in the development of ontologies. Current methods that guide the re-engineering of thesauri into ontologies often convert vocabularies merely syntactically and ignore problems arising from interpreting vocabularies as ontologies, i.e. as sets of statements of facts. Current re-engineering methods also do not make use of the semantic capabilities of formal languages in order to detect logical mistakes and improve vocabularies. In this paper, we introduce a content-focused method for building domain-specific ontologies based on a thesaurus, a popular type of vocabulary. Application of the method results in an ontolog..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The research of D.K. has been enabled through the David Hay Memorial Fund and the PORES travel and research grant provided by University of Melbourne, with special thanks to Edmund Kazmierczak and Simon Milton for their support in setting up the research visit. The work of L.J. has been supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under the auspices of the GoodOD project.