Journal article

Metallo-pathways to Alzheimer's disease: lessons from genetic disorders of copper trafficking

MA Greenough, A Ramirez Munoz, AI Bush, CM Opazo



Funding Acknowledgements

The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health acknowledges the strong support from the Victorian Government and in particular the funding from the Operational Infrastructure Support Grant. This work was supported by a NHMRC Dementia Research Fellowship (MAG), the Australian Research Council (AIB; CMO), the National Health and Medical Research Council and the CRC for Mental Health (AIB); ARM is recipient of a BECA Chile Scholarship from the Chilean Government. Figures were produced using Servier Medical Art ( We acknowledge the contribution made by pioneers in the field of biological copper research including those recognized in this themed issue of Metallomics - J. Mercer, J. Camakaris and J. R. Prohaska - who were instrumental in characterising the genetics and cell biology of copper transport disorders in humans.