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Epidermal Cells Expressing Putative Cell Markers in Nonglabrous Skin Existing in Direct Proximity with the Distal End of the Arrector Pili Muscle

N Torkamani, NW Rufaut, L Jones, R Sinclair



Inconsistent with the view that epidermal stem cells reside randomly spread along the basal layer of the epidermal rete ridges, we found that epidermal cells expressing stem cell markers in nonglabrous skin exist in direct connection with the distal end of the arrector pili muscle. The epidermal cells that express stem cell markers consist of a subpopulation of basal keratinocytes located in a niche at the lowermost portion of the rete ridges at the distal arrector pili muscle attachment site. Keratinocytes in the epidermal stem cell niche express K15, MCSP, and α6 integrin. α5 integrin marks the distal end of the APM colocalized with basal keratinocytes expressing stem cell markers located ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank Assistant Professor Robert Kapsa and Dr. Anita Quigley of the Centre for Neuroscience and Neurology Research, St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne and the Immunology Group at St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, for providing access to laboratory facilities and technical assistance. Niloufar Torkamani was supported by the University of Melbourne International Research Scholarship, The John Hayden Scholarship, and Alwyn Stewart Memorial Trust Fund Faculty of Medicine Research Scholarship (University of Melbourne). This study is funded by the University of Melbourne Post Graduate Research Scholarship.