Book Chapter

Plans and Pedagogies: School Design as Socio-Spatial Assemblage

K Fisher, K Dovey

The Translation of Design of Schools - An Evidence-Based Approach to Aligning Pedagogy and Learning Environments | Sense Publishers | Published : 2016


The concepts in this chapter were originally presented in the Journal of Architecture in 2013, addressing a design oriented audience. The research findings are included in this book to ensure an educational audience has the opportunity to see the links between pedagogy and space which were encountered in this study. The design of learning environments at every level from primary to tertiary is undergoing major transformations involving the proliferation of new learning spaces that are variously termed learning ‘streets’ or ‘commons’, ‘meeting’ spaces and ‘outdoor learning’ areas together with complex new interrelations and overlaps between them.1 Such changes are largely driven by long stand..

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