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Cell cycle-regulated PLEIADE/AtMAP65-3 links membrane and microtubule dynamics during plant cytokinesis

Alexander Steiner, Katarzyna Rybak, Melina Altmann, Heather E McFarlane, Susan Klaeger, Nguyen Ngoc, Eva Facher, Alexander Ivakov, Gerhard Wanner, Bernhard Kuster, Staffan Persson, Pascal Braun, Marie-Theres Hauser, Farhah F Assaad



Cytokinesis, the partitioning of the cytoplasm following nuclear division, requires extensive coordination between cell cycle cues, membrane trafficking and microtubule dynamics. Plant cytokinesis occurs within a transient membrane compartment known as the cell plate, to which vesicles are delivered by a plant-specific microtubule array, the phragmoplast. While membrane proteins required for cytokinesis are known, how these are coordinated with microtubule dynamics and regulated by cell cycle cues remains unclear. Here, we document physical and genetic interactions between Transport Protein Particle II (TRAPPII) tethering factors and microtubule-associated proteins of the PLEIADE/AtMAP65 fam..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Prof. Grill and members of the Botany Department for their support. Silvia Dobler in the laboratory of Andreas Klingl (LMU) prepared samples for electron microscopy. Rosi Sollner performed histological sections. David Ehrhardt, Gerd Jurgens and the RIKEN Bioresource Center shared published or public resources. HEM is supported by an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship (EMBO ALTF 1246-2013) and an NSERC PDF (PDF-454454-2014); AI and SP were funded by the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft; and SP by a R@MAP Professorship at University of Melbourne. This research was funded by DFG grant AS110/5-1 to FFA and GW, and by the FWF grant P16410-B12 to MTH. The authors declare no conflict of interest.