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Food of larvae of spanish mackerels, genus scomberomorus (Teleostei: Scombridae), in shelf waters of the great barrier reef

GP Jenkins, NE Milward, RF Hartwick

Marine and Freshwater Research | Published : 1984


Larvae of S. semifasciatus, S. queenslandicus, and 5. commerson were dissected for gut-content analysis. S. semifasciatus larvae feed almost exclusively on larval fish, and S. queenslandicus and S. commersonlarvae feed almost exclusively on larval fish and larvaceans. S. queenslandicus larvae exhibit a distinctontogenetic change in diet, with larvaceans decreasing and larval fish increasing in dietary importancewith growth. The maximum size of prey consumed by S. semifasciatus and S. queenslandicus increaseswith growth. © CSIRO 1984.

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