Conference Proceedings

Uncovering the Honeypot Effect: How Audiences Engage with Public Interactive Systems

N Wouters, J Downs, M Harrop, T Cox, E Oliveira, S Webber, F Vetere, A Vande Moere



In HCI, the honeypot effect describes how people interacting with a system passively stimulate passers-by to observe, approach and engage in an interaction. Previous research has revealed the successive engagement phases and zones of the honeypot effect. However, there is little insight into: 1) how people are stimulated to transition between phases; 2) what aspects drive the honeypot effect apart from watching others; and 3) what constraints affect its self-reinforcing performance. In this paper, we discuss the honeypot effect as a spatiotemporal model of trajectories and influences. We introduce the Honeypot Model based on the analysis of observations and interaction logs from Encounters, ..

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