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The cosmic dawn and epoch of reionization with the square kilometre array

LVE Koopmans, J Pritchard, G Mellema, F Abdalla, J Aguirre, K Ahn, R Barkana, I Van Bemmel, G Bernardi, A Bonaldi, F Briggs, AG De Bruyn, TC Chang, E Chapman, X Chen, B Ciardi, KK Datta, P Dayal, A Ferrara, A Fialkov Show all

Proceedings of Science | SISSA | Published : 2015


Concerted effort is currently ongoing to open up the Epoch of Reionization (z ∼15-6) for studies with IR and radio telescopes. Whereas IR detections have been made of sources (Lyman-a emitters, quasars and drop-outs) in this redshift regime in relatively small fields of view, no direct detection of neutral hydrogen, via the redshifted 21-cm line, has yet been established. Such a direct detection is expected in the coming years, with ongoing surveys, and could open up the entire universe from z ∼6-200 for astrophysical and cosmological studies, opening not only the Epoch of Reionization, but also its preceding Cosmic Dawn (z ∼30-15) and possibly even the later phases of the Dark Ages (z ∼200-..

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