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The influence of social restriction during rearing on the sexual behaviour of the gilt

PH Hemsworth, GM Cronin, C Hansen

Animal Science | Published : 1982


ABSTRACTFour groups of 10 gilts were reared from an early age under four social conditions. The mating rate (the number of successful copulations as a proportion of oestruses) at the pubertal oestrus of gilts reared in isolation from boars was significantly lower than that of gilts reared near mature boars (P> 0·01). In addition, gilts isolated from boars during rearing had a significantly longer interval from the first mounting attempt by the boar until the display of the standing response (P<0·05) and a significantly higher proportion of these gilts were restless during copulation and terminated the copulation in comparison with gilts reared near mature boars (P<0·01). All gilts were ovari..

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