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Test of the flavour independence of αs using next-to-leading order calculations for heavy quarks

G Abbiendi, K Ackerstaff, G Alexander, J Allison, N Altekamp, KJ Anderson, S Anderson, S Arcelli, S Asai, SF Ashby, D Axen, G Azuelos, AH Ball, E Barberio, RJ Barlow, JR Batley, S Baumann, J Bechtluft, T Behnke, KW Bell Show all

European Physical Journal C | Published : 1999


We present a test of the flavour independence of the strong coupling constant for charm and bottom quarks with respect to light (uds) quarks, based on a hadronic event sample obtained with the OPAL detector at LEP. Five observables related to global event shapes were used to measure αs in three flavour tagged samples (uds, c and b). The event shape distributions were fitted by O(α2s) calculations of jet production taking into account mass effects for the c and b quarks. We find: αcs/αudss = 0.997 ± 0.038 (stat.) ± 0.030 (syst.) ± 0.012 (theory) and αbs/αudss = 0.993 ± 0.008 (stat.) ± 0.006 (syst.) ± 0.011 (theory).

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