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Sexual objectification in women's daily lives: A smartphone ecological momentary assessment study

Elise Holland, Peter Koval, Michelle Stratemeyer, Fiona Thomson, Nick Haslam

British Journal of Social Psychology | WILEY | Published : 2017


Sexual objectification, particularly of young women, is highly prevalent in modern industrialized societies. Although there is plenty of experimental and cross-sectional research on objectification, prospective studies investigating the prevalence and psychological impact of objectifying events in daily life are scarce. We used ecological momentary assessment to track the occurrence of objectifying events over 1 week in the daily lives of young women (N = 81). Participants reported being targeted by a sexually objectifying event - most often the objectifying gaze - approximately once every 2 days and reported witnessing sexual objectification of others approximately 1.35 times per day. Furth..

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