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Haemopedia: An Expression Atlas of Murine Hematopoietic Cells

Carolyn A De Graaf, Jarny Choi, Tracey M Baldwin, Jessica E Bolden, Kirsten A Fairfax, Aaron J Robinson, Christine Biben, Clare Morgan, Kerry Ramsay, Ashley P Ng, Maria Kauppi, Elizabeth A Kruse, Tobias J Sargeant, Nick Seidenman, Angela D'Amico, Marthe C D'Ombrain, Erin C Lucas, Sandra Koernig, Adriana Baz Morelli, Michael J Wilson Show all



Hematopoiesis is a multistage process involving the differentiation of stem and progenitor cells into distinct mature cell lineages. Here we present Haemopedia, an atlas of murine gene-expression data containing 54 hematopoietic cell types, covering all the mature lineages in hematopoiesis. We include rare cell populations such as eosinophils, mast cells, basophils, and megakaryocytes, and a broad collection of progenitor and stem cells. We show that lineage branching and maturation during hematopoiesis can be reconstructed using the expression patterns of small sets of genes. We also have identified genes with enriched expression in each of the mature blood cell lineages, many of which show..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the many people who contributed to this project, with numerous feedback and involvement. We thank the Australian Genome Research Facility for running micro-array samples; thanks also to Matt Ritchie, Eugene Maraskovsky, and their respective teams. C.A.D.G. was supported by an APA, and an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship. M.C.D. and J.E.B. were supported by NHMRC Early Career Fellowships. E.A.K. was supported by a University of Melbourne Scholarship and an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship. A.P.N. was supported by the Cure Cancer Australia/Leukemia Foundation Australia Post Doctoral Fellowship and Lions Fellowship, Cancer Council Victoria. This work is in part supported by a Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) grant to S.K.N., W.S.A., and D.J.H.; Program and Project Grants (1016647, 1048087, 1054618), Fellowships (W.S.A. 1058344, G.K.S. 1058892), and Independent Research Institutes Infrastructure Support Scheme Grant (361646) from the NHMRC; funding from the Australian Cancer Research Fund; funding from the Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support; and funding from CSL to D.J.H. The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute is supported by grants from the State Government of Victoria and the Australian Government. This work was partially supported by funding from CSL to D.J.H.