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PrPc does not mediate internalization of PrPSc but is required at an early stage for de novo prion infection of Rov cells.

Sophie Paquet, Nathalie Daude, Marie-Pierre Courageot, Jérôme Chapuis, Hubert Laude, Didier Vilette

Journal of Virology | Published : 2007


We have studied the interactions of exogenous prions with an epithelial cell line inducibly expressing PrPc protein and permissive to infection by a sheep scrapie agent. We demonstrate that abnormal PrP (PrPSc) and prion infectivity are efficiently internalized in Rov cells, whether or not PrPc is expressed. At odds with earlier studies implicating cellular heparan sulfates in PrPSc internalization, we failed to find any involvement of such molecules in Rov cells, indicating that prions can enter target cells by several routes. We further show that PrPSc taken up in the absence of PrPc was unable to promote efficient prion multiplication once PrPc expression was restored in the cells. This o..

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