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Prion proteins from susceptible and resistant sheep exhibit some distinct cell biological features.

Elifsu Sabuncu, Sophie Paquet, Jérome Chapuis, Mohammed Moudjou, Thanh Lan Lai, Jacques Grassi, Udo Baron, Hubert Laude, Didier Vilette

Biochem Biophys Res Commun | Published : 2005


It is well established that natural polymorphisms in the coding sequence of the PrP protein can control the expression of prion disease. Studies with a cell model of sheep prion infection have shown that ovine PrP allele associated with resistance to sheep scrapie may confer resistance by impairing the multiplication of the infectious agent. To further explore the biochemical and cellular mechanisms underlying the genetic control of scrapie susceptibility, we established permissive cells expressing two different PrP variants. In this study, we show that PrP variants with opposite effects on prion multiplication exhibit distinct cell biological features. These findings indicate that cell biol..

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