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Constraints on the vertical motion of eastern Australia during the Mesozoic

Kerry Gallagher, Trevor A Dumitru, Andrew JW Gleadow



Backstripping and apatite fission track analysis are used to constrain the Mesozoic vertical motion of the eastern Australian basins (Eromanga, Surat and Clarence-Moreton). The backstripping results show that subsidence was linear during the Jurassic, and the rate of subsidence shows an overall increase (by a factor of about 2) towards the eastern margin. The Cretaceous section is well preserved only in the Eromanga Basin, and the backstripping results show that the apparent subsidence rate increased by a factor of 5-10 during the Early Cretaceous. The sediments show a lithological cyclicity which is the result of a variable influx of volcanogenic detritus from the convergent eastern margin...

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Awarded by NERDDC

Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank Ian Duddy, Kevin Hill and George Le Febre for their contributions and John Vecvers and Mike Gurnis for reviewing an earlier version of the manuscript. Much of the work reported here was carried out under NERDDC grant project 1046 to A. Gleadow, I. Duddy and J. Lovering.