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Sea level pressure response to the specification of eddy-resolving sea surface temperature in simulations of Australian east coast lows

Christopher R S Chambers, Gary B Brassington, Jinyu Sheng, Ian Simmonds, Kevin Walsh

Satellite Oceanography and Meteorology | Whioce Publishing Pte Ltd


Four east coast lows (ECLs) were simulated with the Weather Research and Forecast model to investigate the influence of the sea surface temperature (SST) distribution on the sea level pressure (SLP). Each ECL was simulated with two different SST datasets: the Bluelink SST field and NCEP skin temperature field. The former resolved eddies in the East Australian Current while the latter did not. The simulated SLP fields in the eddy-resolving SST runs were compared with those in the non-eddy-resolving SST runs. On time-scales of about 48 hours, higher SSTs were asso-ciated with lower SLPs. The spatial scale of the SLP response was similar to that of the ocean eddies, indicative of the rapidity a..

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