Journal article

The efficacy of continuous-flow cryo and cyclic compression therapy after hip fracture surgery on postoperative pain: design of a prospective, open-label, parallel, multicenter, randomized controlled, clinical trial

Nick C Leegwater, Peter A Nolte, Niels de Korte, Martin J Heetveld, Kees J Kalisvaart, Casper P Schonhuth, Bas Pijnenburg, Bart J Burger, Kees-Jan Ponsen, Frank W Bloemers, Andrea B Maier, Barend J van Royen



Awarded by Achmea Zorgverzekeringen

Funding Acknowledgements

The cryocompression devices and prerequisites are sponsored by Best Medical Recovery systems (Abcoude, The Netherlands). During the enrollment of the trial freezers, ice cubes and clean wraps are supplied at the investigators' request. Upon completion of the trial all material are returned to Best Medical recovery systems. 'Achmea Zorgverzekeringen' (grant number: Z557) and 'DSW Zorgverzekeringen' (grant identifier: GRAPES) funded the study. The funding covers meetings, central organizational costs and CFC treatment of patients only. The design, management, analysis and reporting of the study are conducted entirely independent of the aforementioned sponsors.