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Accuracy of direct segmental multi-frequency bioimpedance analysis in the assessment of total body and segmental body composition in middle-aged adult population

Carolina HY Ling, Anton JM de Craen, Pieternella E Slagboom, Dave A Gunn, Marcel PM Stokkel, Rudi GJ Westendorp, Andrea B Maier

Clinical Nutrition | CHURCHILL LIVINGSTONE | Published : 2011


BACKGROUND & AIMS: Body composition measurement is a valuable tool for assessing nutritional status and physical fitness in a variety of clinical settings. Although bioimpedance analysis (BIA) can easily assess body composition, its accuracy remains unclear. We examined the accuracy of direct segmental multi-frequency BIA technique (DSM-BIA) in assessing different body composition parameters, using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) as a reference standard. METHODS: A total of 484 middle-aged participants from the Leiden Longevity Study were recruited. Agreements between DSM-BIA and DEXA for total and segmental body composition quantification were assessed using intraclass correlation c..

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Awarded by Netherlands Genomics Initiative/Netherlands Organization for scientific research (NGI/NWO)

Awarded by MYOAGE

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative/Netherlands Organization for scientific research (NGI/NWO; 05040202 and 050-060-810 NCHA) and the seventh framework programme MYOAGE (HEALTH-2007-2.4.5-10). None of the authors had conflict of interest.