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Impact of chronic systemic and neurological disorders on disability, depression and life satisfaction.

GA Broe, AF Jorm, H Creasey, D Grayson, D Edelbrock, LM Waite, H Bennett, JS Cullen, B Casey

Int J Geriatr Psychiatry | Published : 1998


OBJECTIVE: To assess the effects of a range of chronic systemic and neurological disorders on three life quality indicators: disability, depressive symptoms and life satisfaction. METHODS: As part of the Sydney Older Persons Study, a community survey was carried out with 434 non-demented people aged 75 or over living in Sydney, Australia. Subjects were given a medical examination covering the following disorders: heart disease, chronic lung disease, bone and joint disease, stroke, visual loss, peripheral vascular disease, obesity, other systemic diseases, gait ataxia, gait slowing (including Parkinsonism) and cognitive impairement short of dementia. They were also assessed on a clinician-rat..

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