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Comparative measurements of chlorophyll a fluorescence, acid accumulation and gas exchange in exposed and shaded plants of Clusia minor L. and Clusia multiflora H. B. K. in the field

TEE Grams, A Haag-Kerwer, E Olivares, E Ball, S Arndt, M Popp, E Medina, U Lüttge

Trees - Structure and Function | Published : 1997


Changes in chlorophyll a fluorescence during the day and diurnal-changes of net CO2-exchange and organic acid contents were determined in two species of the genus Clusia during the dry season in Venezuela. The investigations included plants of the C3/CAM intermediate species Clusia minor and the C3 species C. multiflora growing at exposed and shaded sites. Both species showed a C3 pattern of net CO2-exchange at the exposed site. In the shade under extreme drought stress C. minor showed a weak expression of CAM without CO2-uptake during the afternoon (phase IV of CAM). C. multiflora growing in the shade exhibited u C3-pattern of net CO2-exchange and a small but significant nocturnal accumulat..

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