Conference Proceedings

Genome-wide linkage analysis in a general population sample using sigma 2A random effects (SSARs) fitted by Gibbs sampling.

LJ Palmer, KB Jacobs, KJ Scurrah, X Xu, S Horvath, ST Weiss

Genetic Epidemiology | Published : 2001


We used variance components analysis to investigate the underlying determinants of the quantitative phenotypes (Q1-Q5) and their interrelationships in replicate 42 of the Genetic Analysis Workshop 12 simulated general population. Variance components models were fitted using Gibbs sampling in WinBUGS v1.3. Sigma-squared-A-random-effects (SSARs) were estimated for each phenotype, and were used as derived phenotypes in subsequent linkage analyses. Whole-genome, multipoint linkage analyses were based upon a new Haseman-Elston identity-by descent sib-pair method that takes a weighted combination of the trait-sum and trait-difference. The five quantitative traits simulated were closely correlated ..

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