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Gene expression in the mammary gland of the tammar wallaby during the lactation cycle reveals conserved mechanisms regulating mammalian lactation

CJ Vander Jagt, JC Whitley, BG Cocks, ME Goddard

Reproduction Fertility and Development | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2016


The tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii), an Australian marsupial, has evolved a different lactation strategy compared with eutherian mammals, making it a valuable comparative model for lactation studies. The tammar mammary gland was investigated for changes in gene expression during key stages of the lactation cycle using microarrays. Differentially regulated genes were identified, annotated and subsequent gene ontologies, pathways and molecular networks analysed. Major milk-protein gene expression changes during lactation were in accord with changes in milk-protein secretion. However, other gene expression changes included changes in genes affecting mRNA stability, hormone and cytokine signal..

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