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IL-3 induces apoptosis in a ras-transformed myeloid cell line.

N Ahmed, SM Anderson, MV Berridge

Apoptosis | Published : 1999


Growth factors promote cell survival and proliferation. Homeostasis is maintained by programmed cell death which occurs when the growth stimulus is withdrawn, in response to negative growth regulators such as interferons, TNF-alpha and CD95 ligand, or following differentiation. Although acutely-transforming oncogenes often overcome the need for growth factors, growth regulatory cytokines can influence proliferative responses of transformed cells. In this study we investigated the effects of IL-3 on the proliferative responses of parental bone marrow-derived 32D cells and cells transformed with ras and abl oncogenes. We show that treatment of ras-transformed 32D cells with IL-3 reduced prolif..

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