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Regulation of glucose transport by interleukin-3 in growth factor-dependent and oncogene-transformed bone marrow-derived cell lines.

N Ahmed, MV Berridge

Leuk Res | Published : 1997


Growth factors maintain cell viability and promote cell growth by stimulating glucose transport into cells and by progressing cells through the cell cycle. In the short term, effects on glucose transport involve transporter activation, while in the longer term increased gene expression is involved. This study aimed to investigate growth factor regulation of glucose transport in an interleukin (IL)-3-dependent bone marrow-derived cell line and its oncogene-transformed counterparts. 32D clone 3 (32Dcl3) cells and cells transfected with temperature-sensitive (ts) ras and abl oncogenes, were treated with and without IL-3 and their ability to take up 2-deoxy-D-glucose compared. Transformed cells,..

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