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Homeobox gene TGIF-1 is increased in placental endothelial cells of human fetal growth restriction

Tilini Gunatillake, Hannah EJ Yong, Caroline E Dunk, Rosemary J Keogh, Anthony J Borg, Judith E Cartwright, Guy S Whitley, Padma Murthi



Aberrant placental angiogenesis is associated with fetal growth restriction (FGR). In mice, targeted disruption of the homeobox gene, transforming growth β-induced factor (Tgif-1), which is also a transcription factor, causes defective placental vascularisation. Nevertheless, the role of TGIF-1 in human placental angiogenesis is unclear. We have previously reported increased TGIF-1 expression in human FGR placentae and demonstrated localisation of TGIF-1 protein in placental endothelial cells (ECs). However, its functional role remains to be investigated. In this study, we aimed to specifically compare TGIF-1 mRNA expression in placental ECs isolated from human FGR-affected pregnancies with ..

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