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Differences in the cellular composition of small versus large uterine fibroids

Sarah J Holdsworth-Carson, Dong Zhao, Leonie Cann, Sophie Bittinger, Cameron J Nowell, Peter AW Rogers



Uterine fibroids are clonally derived from a single cell; however, despite being monoclonal, the cellular phenotypes that make up uterine fibroids are heterogeneous consisting of predominantly smooth muscle cells (SMC) and fibroblasts. This raises the question as to when clonal cell differentiation occurs during fibroid development, and does this information provide clues about possible mechanisms regulating the growth process that leads to fibroids of symptom-causing size? This study investigated the differences in the cellular composition of fibroids by immunohistochemistry (IHC). A tissue microarray (n = 21 hysterectomy cases) was used for the investigation of large uterine fibroids and n..

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