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Immune complexes and vasoactivity generated from platelets in pre-eclampsia.

RL Medcalf, RJ Kuhn, JD Mathews, RF Moulds

Clin Exp Hypertens B | Published : 1982


In vivo platelet activation by circulating immune complexes has been suggested as one of the underlying mechanisms in preeclampsia. Using a modification of the polyethylene glycol protein-A immune complex assay, immune complexes were found in excess of the equivalent of 20 micrograms/ml heat aggregated IgG in fourteen out of twenty patients diagnosed as having pre-eclampsia. Only six out of nineteen normal controls were found to have similar levels of immune complexes. Furthermore, using a small volume bio-assay method, concentrations of heat aggregated IgG in excess of 20 micrograms/ml were found to activate platelets to release sufficient concentrations of vasoactive agents to constrict a ..

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