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Clonal diversity of Streptococcus pyogenes within some M-types revealed by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis.

AM Haase, A Melder, JD Mathews, DJ Kemp, M Adams

Epidemiology and Infection | Published : 1994


Twenty-two reference isolates and 30 local isolates of group A Streptococci were classified into 36 electrophoretic types (ET) on the basis of allozyme variation at 27 enzyme loci. Local isolates were characterized by a high frequency of M-non typable strains. M-type and ET were more closely associated in local isolates from an endemically-infected population; nevertheless, amongst the local isolates there were also strains of the same ET type with different M-types. A possible explanation is that genetic exchange between strains may introduce different M-types into strains of defined ET when these are exposed to strong selection in the presence of heavy loads of infection. In contrast to th..

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