Journal article

Substance use in youth at risk for psychosis

R Carney, AR Yung, GP Amminger, T Bradshaw, N Glozier, DF Hermens, IB Hickie, E Killackey, P McGorry, C Pantelis, SJ Wood, R Purcell



BACKGROUND: People with schizophrenia have high rates of substance use which contributes to co-morbidity and premature mortality. Some evidence suggests people at-risk for psychosis have high rates of substance use. We aimed to assess substance use in a help-seeking cohort, comparing those at-risk and not at-risk for psychosis, and to establish any relationship with clinical symptoms. METHOD: Participants were help-seeking youth presenting to mental health services in Sydney and Melbourne. 279 (34.8%) were at-risk for psychosis, and 452 (56.4%) did not meet criteria for a psychotic disorder or risk for psychosis. The excluded individuals were made up of 59 (7.4%) young people who met criteri..

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