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Protection des minorités ou promotion du plurilinguisme? Droits linguistiques, politique et pratiques dans deux villes bilingues suisses [Protecting Minorities or Fostering Multilingualism? Language Rights, Policy, and Practice in two Bilingual Cities in Switzerland]

C Brohy, D Schuepbach

Droit et Cultures | L’Harmattan | Published : 2016


All cities of the world are multilingual, individual and social multilingualism being the norm rather the exception. However, cities with an officially multilingual status are scarce. In this contribution, we concentrate on two bilingual cities (French and German) in Switzerland, Biel/Bienne and Fribourg/Freiburg. We focus on the institutional level, i.e. on bilingualism in local politics, public administration, and education, and address the following questions: How did official bilingualism develop? How is it legislated and implemented? How far do official and private discourses of bilingualism map? To what extent does the linguistic landscape mirror demography, discourse and legislation? ..

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