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Peer drug use and adolescent polysubstance use: Do parenting and school factors moderate this association?

Gary CK Chan, Adrian B Kelly, Annemaree Carroll, Joanne W Williams

Addictive Behaviors | Published : 2017


AIMS: This study examined the association between peer drug use and adolescent polysubstance use, and investigated if this association was moderated by parenting and/or school factors. METHODS: The sample consisted of 9966 participants (mean age=14.3; 49.34% males) randomly selected from secondary schools in Victoria, Australia. Three 30-day polysubstance use profiles were derived from latent class analysis - no drug use (47.7%), mainly alcohol use (44.1%) and polysubstance use (8.2%). These profiles were then regressed on peer's drug use, family conflict, parental monitoring, parental disapproval of drug use, school commitment, reward for prosocial involvement in school and academic failure..

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