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Task 2: ShARe/CLEF eHealth evaluation lab 2014

DL Mowery, S Velupillai, BR South, L Christensen, D Martinez, L Kelly, L Goeuriot, N Elhadad, S Pradhan, G Savova, WW Chapman

CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Published : 2014


This paper reports on Task 2 of the 2014 ShARe/CLEF eHealth evaluation lab which extended Task 1 of the 2013 ShARe/CLEF eHealth evaluation lab by focusing on template filling of disorder attributes. The task was comprised of two subtasks: attribute normalization (task 2a) and cue identification (task 2b). We instructed participants to develop a system which either kept or updated a default attribute value for each task. Participant systems were evaluated against a blind reference standard of 133 discharge summaries using Accuracy (task 2a) and F-score (task 2b). In total, ten teams participated in task 2a, and three teams in task 2b. For task 2a and 2b, the HITACHI team systems (run 2) had t..

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