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Analyzing musical prodigiousness using Gagné's Integrative Model of Talent Development


Musical prodigies: Interpretations from psychology, education, musicology and ethnomusicology | Oxford University Press | Published : 2016


We survey three interlocking talent development models: a) the Differentiating Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT), the Developmental Model for Natural Abilities (DMNA), and their merging into a Comprehensive Model of Talent Development (CMTD). The authors use the CMTD framework to analyse the phenomenon of musical prodigiousness, defined as a quantitatively extreme level of talent (T component). We then explore the gifts (G component) that contribute to musical prodigiousness, as well as its typical developmental process (D component). Two types of catalytic causal influences are explored: intrapersonal characteristics (I component) and environmental influences (E component). Within each ..

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